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NetHope has partnered with the Anita Borg Institute( ABI) to provide additional connection and resources relevant to women succeeding in the tech sector. ABI, established in 1997, provides inclusive platforms designed to ensure women’s voices, ideas and spirits will result in higher levels of technical innovation. Below you will find several opportunities to participate in ABI communities and leverage valuable resources tested by ABI.


Many of the challenges that women face today are at the core of recruitment and advancement for women in technology. ABI provides research that extends our knowledge on how to address these issues.

Including Topics such as:

  • Women’s advancement
  • Work-life conflict and balance
  • Entrepreneurialship
  • Innovation
  • Generational differences at work

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Systers Community

Anita Borg Institute’s Systers community is the largest virtual community of technical women in computing. Technical women from all around the world have become part of this unique community to engage in discussions in a private forum. Discussions are thought-provoking and supportive. Systers are there to help one another through work place challenges such as isolation, work-life balance and career growth

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Systers Pass-It-On Awards

A founding core value of Systers is that Systers have the moral obligation to “pass on” the benefits that they have gained from the community. The Systers Pass-It-On (PIO) award is funded by Systers and awarded to women only. The awards are given in small amounts to help women establish their place in technology to help advance their studies, local project for young girls/women and/or transitions in their lives.

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The list of resources below is a great knowledge base for many articles, journals and stories about technical women.



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WTC Mentoring Program Resources

Access to webinars and resources shared by the WTC Mentoring Community.