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Spotlight: WTC Protegees

Meet some of the incredible women participating in the WTC Mentoring program as Protegees!
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Liz Kerosi
Pursing a job in technology has not been easy. Most companies and organizations wanted employees with at least three years of experience. The competition was fierce; other candidates were highly educated and had various IT certifications. But thanks to NetHope Academy, I got the chance to take a powerful Microsoft course and participate Women’s TechConnect, which gave me the hope of getting a full time job thereafter.

Many companies believe that if a woman has managed to go far in her studies, she must be very smart and strong enough to handle a top job. To all the women out there, go ahead and advance yourself without fear.

Maryanne Metto

Getting a technology – based job is difficult due to competition from male candidates and being accepted as a technology-able woman who can do a better job. There is the unwritten notion that men are better suited for technology-related subjects and this leads to women not getting an equal chance to prove their ability.

Any person entering the field of technology should bear in mind that this is a highly dynamic area. Therefore, he / she shouldn’t be afraid of failure but rather they should keep on trying and research thoroughly on the specific area of interest.

I hope to be highly empowered by the end of the mentorship program both career wise and as a woman. I hope that at the end of the mentorship program, I will create a mark in the field of technology for that will change the way women are viewed technology-wise.

Electine Joyce Malloh

Technology is exciting to me because of its ability to provide solutions to world problems. I find such joy in providing solutions for big issues and with the use of technology, it has been made easier.

Women tend to shy away from the tech field without ever trying it. But women who work hard and deliver good results will stand an upper hand in a field crowded by men. My advice to women is to go the extra mile and prove they too can achieve what men can. Dream big, work hard, and stay focused.

Faith Murigi

My dream is to have a career as a project manager at an organization who promotes the use of technology to solve everyday problems, as well as discovering upcoming IT hopefuls.

From Women’s TechConnect, I hope to gain better interpersonal skills. I want to also gain skills that will help me grow in the field of technology and face problems head on without faltering. I believe Women’s TechConnect will not only help me become a better IT professional, but a better person overall.

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