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Women’s TechConnect Mentoring Program

Are you are a woman who would like to help propel the next generation of global women in IT from entry-level roles to leadership roles? Do you seek engagement with another woman who can support you as you navigate your professional development path? The Women’s TechConnect Mentoring Program is for you.

Technology is one of the key drivers of women’s economic empowerment, especially in the developing world.  Offering access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) jobs is critical, but it is not enough.  Providing role models, training, mentoring and access to growth and leadership opportunities are critical to ensuring a continuum of success for women entering the field, and fueling their ability to engage the next generation of young girls.


Women’s TechConnect (WTC) brings together professional women with college-educated young women in the developing world and women IT professionals in the humanitarian sector, to support career development, confidence-building and success in the technology industry.


Women’s TechConnect provides that next level of support with a structured, online mentoring program targeted toward women in developing countries being supported by one another as well as by women in IT in countries outside of their own.


Want to make a difference?
Become a Mentor!

As a mentor, your role is not to solve problems, but to support her in finding her own solutions, while providing encouragement to address challenges in her respective culture, workplace and educational/career pursuits.

Need Inspiration?
Become a Protege!

As a Protégé, your role is to proactively communicate with your mentor, share your professional goals, identify problems you’re trying to solve, and ask questions about professional expertise and development.

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