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Oct 3-6th: During Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration, all donations will be matched, instantly doubling your contribution!
If your company has a matching gifts program, yourglobal impact contribution just tripled! Please make sure to enter your Company or Organization name in the “Company /Organization Affiliated With” field on the Donate form.
You can help grow the next generation


 of women technology leaders across the globe.


Sponsor Sponsor a woman today, impact a life forever

  • $100 covers the cost for five women to participate in the Women’s TechConnect mentor network
  • $25/month supports a college graduate in the developing world  to enter &succeed in the workforce: 12 months of mentoring, professional development, tools & training, soft skills support
  • $50/month provides tuition for NetHope Academy, 6-month paid internship, school-to-work transition, job placement assistance, 12-month formalized mentoring, professional development tools & training, inclusion in a global community of tech women
Mentor Mentor for a year, launch a continuum of success As a mentor, your role is not to solve problems, but to support your mentee in finding her own solutions, while providing encouragement to address challenges in her respective culture, workplace and educational/career pursuits.  In turn, you become a role model for her to mentor the next generation.
Partner Corporate Partners make the world of difference We welcome your company as one of our corporate partners for Women’s TechConnect.  Interested in STEM?  Advancing women in IT?  Economic interests in emerging regions?  Supporting diversity and inclusion?  Through Women’s TechConnect, your company can reach the next generation of women in IT through 35 leading international NGOs that collectively serve upwards of 2 billion people worldwide.