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Basic Computing Training

Today’s NGO are more technically advanced than ever. They rely on sophisticated net – works and technically capable workers to effectively serve people and communities in the developing world. And while not all NGO workers need advanced IT training, as a Program Worker, you must have a basic understanding of how to use computers to organize data, communicate, generate documents, store files and information and more. Below are some great, FREE resources for sharpening your basic computing skills.



Microsoft: Digital Literacy

The goal of Digital Literacy is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and eco – nomic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. Whether you are entirely new to computing or have some experience, this curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. From using the Internet, to sending e-mail, to creating a résumé, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin computing with confidence.

Languages: Basic and advanced are in English; Standard is available in 30 languages,including Spanish, French, German, Hindi, etc.

Visit Digital Literacy (at » Computer and Internet Basics offers free self-paced training in form of written tutorials, videos and online classes with mini skills assessments. Users can learn how a computer, keyboard, and mouse work, how to set up e-mail accounts or create a Facebook profile or search the Internet. The self-paced training can be accessed without registration. To participate in the online classes a user needs to register for a free account and can then take online classes and even earn Continued Education Units (CEUs) and a Certificate of Completion for the classes taken.

Languages: English only

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Todo el contenido y plataforma de es hecho en Latinoamérica, por latinos para latinos. Lo anterior, como la parte educativa de la misión de la fundación. Nosotros creamos oportunidades de aprendizaje para quienes quieran mejorar sus habilidades en ingles, matemática y tecnología temas indispensables para enfrentar el mundo profesional de hoy en día. Creemos en la libertad para aprender, cuando el usuario quiera, sin importar los problemas o las circunstancias.

Languages: Spanish only

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