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IT Internship Program

The global population boom has created unprecedented challenges for educated youth in developing countries to effectively engage in the workforce. At the same time, a serious shortage of qualified IT professionals in these regions is limiting local companies, governments and NGOs from expanding and functioning at their highest potential in the world economy. IT skills are in high demand, generating opportunities for youth to participate in core aspects of the economy — if they can acquire real-world vocational skills and the relevant work experience to make them employable.

The NetHope Academy Internship Program bridges the gap between unemployed educated youth and the market-driven IT needs and opportunities in developing regions. Built on best practices developed from capacity-building efforts in Africa, India, Haiti and Latin America, NetHope Academy:

  • Delivers 21st century training and IT skills that are market-relevant, practical and transferable;
  • Provides internships and mentoring support for college-age youth to effectively transition from school to work, and succeed in the workplace
  • Strengthens IT capacity of in-country INGOs and their field offices
  • Bolsters the local workforce of skilled/certified IT professionals in developing regions



How the Internship Program Works

Working in partnership with local organizations and educational institutions, NetHope identifies and screens promising college graduates or near-graduates, facilitates IT vocational courses, and coordinates in-country internships focused on desktop support, network administration and telecommunications. Coursework is augmented by extensive libraries of online curriculum, industry-standard certification programs, and on-the-job training. Interns receive daily mentoring, ongoing evaluation, job placement assistance and outplacement support.



Program Levels

NetHope Academy offers several program levels. Basic vocational training provides competency in desktop support, network administration or telecommunications and satellite operations. Advanced instruction and intern self-study leads to optional certification as a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, Cisco Certified Network Associate and VSAT Certified Installer.




The Next Phase

In 2010, NetHope Academy successfully launched its intern program in Haiti. Six months after the devastating earthquake decimated most of the island’s infrastructure, NetHope Academy trained and placed 36 local interns in INGOs and other institutions leading the country’s rebuilding efforts. Building on the program’s success, NetHope Academy has expanded efforts in Haiti, as well as successfully launched programs in sub-Saharan Africa.┬áNetHope Academy is currently operating in the following countries:

Please click here if you live in one of the target countries and would like to apply for an internship. NetHope Academy looks forward to expanding into more countries in the future.