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We are excited to present a new offering that builds upon the NetHope Academy programs that have been running for the last 6+ years. Through a partnership with the Cisco Networking Academy, the NetHope Academy will help recruit and screen candidates for NetHope Member NGOs’ consideration for internships and full time employment in 180+ countries around the world starting in May 2014. Most candidates will be Cisco Networking Academy graduates and the majority of them will be best suited for internships or entry level IT roles. This program is a great opportunity for any NGO looking to build their IT capacity.

Many NGOs around the world have a critical staffing need in their Information and Communications Technology departments. At the same time, there are many unemployed young IT professionals that are looking to find employment and internships to gain practical work experience. The NetHope Academy would like to work with member NGOs to assist with filling open IT positions and building the capacity of these young IT professionals. This is a global program for both headquarters and field offices.

How will the program work?

1. NGOs Submit Job Description to NetHope. If you are looking to fill IT job roles, register your open role(s) by doing one of the following:

a. Fill out an online form:

b. Email the job description or a link to the job description on your organization’s website to

c. Complete an NGO IT Associate Request Form and send to

2. NetHope works with local Cisco Networking Academy partners to recruit and screen top candidates that meet the job posting specifications.

3. NetHope presents the NGO with the top candidates’ resumes/CVs and the local NGO team conducts internal interviewing/hiring processes.

4. NGO takes the lead in communicating with the candidates and making onboarding arrangements. NGO reports back to NetHope on which candidates were interviewed and selected.

5. All selected IT Associates go through a mandatory NetHope Academy Onboarding Session. This short course provides the IT Associates with useful tips about communication, business etiquette, customer service and how to be successful in their new role.

6. IT Associates begin working at the NGO – either as interns, contract staff or employees.

7. IT Associates participate in a 12-week virtual soft skills training course. Topics include problem solving, presentation skills, customer service, communication and time management. Course curriculum is provided by leading industry experts including Accenture, Skillsoft, Vervago and Microsoft. IT Associate participants will also have access to the 500+ hours of technical training and 225+ hours of soft skills training made available in the NetHope Academy library.

8. NetHope provides ongoing career mentoring and job placement support to IT Associates.

Please contact us at with any questions!