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Step 3: Make a Plan

Now that you have identified any gaps in your skills and knowledge, it’s time to get trained and certified. Training and certification will give you the skills and help you validate your expertise, and demonstrate specific skills to colleagues, employers, and yourself.


Get Trained

Review the following resources and build a learning plan that fits your training needs. Are you looking for an in depth training on a new product or technology? E-learning courses offer a great way to gain knowledge and skills in a technology or IT tasks that are new to you. If you only want to refresh your knowledge on a specific functionality set or learn about a new technology component, Learning Bites offer a mini training option.

E-learning courses and other training – Study or review a topic area

E-learning courses provided by NetHope Academy allow an in depth review of the topics listed and help with the preparation for certification exams.

E-learning courses are also available for other tasks and technologies.
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Learning Bites – Short, bite-sized training clips

Learning Bites are short interactive trainings, presentations and videos about popular topics. Learning Bites introduce sustainable power solutions and alternative connectivity installations – like long distance WiFi or satellite communication. Short videos educate about projects using solar power, low-power computing solutions and other topics relevant for work in developing countries.
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Complement your training with articles, white papers and case studies and use websites to keep you up-to-date on tech trends for NGOs.
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