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Telecommunications Specialists or short Telecom Specialists design voice and data communication systems, supervise installation of these systems, and provide maintenance and service after installation. Specializations include voice transmission, cellular capabilities, data communication, cable-to-modem communication, and satellite communication capabilities.

NGOs require Telecom Specialists to install and maintain communication infrastructure in remote locations. The demand for Internet connectivity and other communication services in remote locations for health services, education, and business development is growing. NGOs are often the first to serve these remote areas and the first to require connectivity in disaster areas.



NetHope Career Pathfinder

Follow these steps to kickstart your career as a Telecom Specialist or to grow your knowledge in telecommunications.

Step 1: Explore the Role

Learn more about the responsibilities and career path of Telecom Specialists

Step 2: Assess Your Skills

Skills Assessments help you assess your knowledge and identify your training needs.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Review available e-learning courses and other resources and develop a learning plan.


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