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Learning Bites

Learning bites are short interactive trainings, presentations and videos about popular topics.

Learning Bites on Desktop Support

Implementing User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7 – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, <25 min.)
The UAC feature has been enhanced in the Windows 7 operating system to give users greater control of their computers and provide administrators with more granular configuration settings. This Learning Snack describes key UAC enhancements in Windows 7, explains how UAC works and shows how to configure UAC security settings.
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Introducing the Troubleshooting Platform in Windows – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, <20 min.)
This Learning Snack explores new ways to manage and troubleshoot common computer problems in Windows 7 by using the troubleshooting platform, Action Center, and Problem Steps Recorder.
View Snack >> Training – Google TechTalk (YouTube Video, 42.08 minutes) 101. Michelle Murian introduces, answers whether it is open source, talks about its components, strength and weaknesses, how to migrate and about integration with other Office Suites like Google apps and Microsoft Office.
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Automating Windows 7 Management – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 7 min.)
Windows PowerShell makes it easier for Windows administrators to control and manage their Windows 7 environment. This Learning Snack demonstrates how to use Windows PowerShell to automate common administrative tasks. It also demonstrates how Windows PowerShell can be used to gather diagnostic data from remote computers.
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Remote Connectivity in Windows 7- Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 15 min.)
Windows 7 offers solutions that enable IT professionals to better manage mobile computers and enables users to stay connected whether they are traveling or working from field offices or home. This Learning Snack describes Windows 7 remote connectivity technologies, such as Mobile broadband, DirectAccess, VPN Reconnect, and BranchCache.
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Windows 7 Learning Snacks – Microsoft (Silverlight, 1-25 min.)
Search the Microsoft Training Catalog for short Windows 7 trainings presented in the Silverlight Snack Player.
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Learning Bites on Networking

Wireless Networking Course by LearningLolly (YouTube Video, 6.55 min.)
This course introduces wireless networking and wireless networking standards.
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Inveneo in Haiti: Deploying Long-Distance WiFi Networks (YouTube Video, 1.32 min)
Within days after a magnitude 7 earthquake shook Haiti in January 2010 and destroyed much of the communication infrastructure, Inveneo implemented long-distance WiFi links to connect NGOs and support disaster relief efforts.
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Point-to-Multi-Point WiFi Equipment – a Review by Inveneo (YouTube Video, 4.55 min)
Inveneo Project Engineer Andris Bjornson reviews the Ubquiti AirMax BaseStation Sector Antenna, a rugged and affordable medium to short range antenna Inveneo uses in deployments in remote areas in developing countries.
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Learning Bites on Server Technologies

Implementing Network Access Protection in Windows Server 2008 – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 8 min.)
This training describes the benefits of implementing Network Access Protection (NAP) in Windows Server 2008 and how to configure network and health policies for various types of clients. It identifies the options for configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enforcement for NAP and demonstrates the steps for testing a NAP implementation with DHCP enforcement.
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Green IT and Visualization in Windows Server 2008 – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 8 min.)
This training highlights how virtualization facilitates a Green IT environment. It describes the Hyper-V server role and the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) tool, which help create and support a virtualized infrastructure in Windows Server 2008.
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Introducing DirectAccess in Windows Server 2008 R2 – Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 15 min.)
This demo explains the benefits and requirements of the DirectAccess feature available in Windows Server 2008 R2 and how to use it. DirectAccess allows users to seamlessly connect to the corporate network from any place where there is Internet access. Users are able to securely access corporate resources such as e-mail servers, shared folders, or intranet sites, without establishing a VPN connection.
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Introducing BranchCache in Windows Server 2008 R2 -Microsoft Learning Snack (Silverlight, 16 min.)
BranchCache is used for locally caching frequently-used content on the branch office computers. This optimizes network utilization and improves user experience at branch offices. This demo explains the BranchCache feature available in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
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Windows Server 2008 R2 Learning Snacks – Microsoft (Silverlight, 1 min.-25 min.)
Search the Microsoft Training Catalog for short Windows 7 trainings presented in the Silverlight Snack Player.
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Learning Bites on Cloud Computing

TechNet Video: Moving to the Cloud (WMV, WMA or MP3, 58 min.)
Ruth Morton discusses Microsoft Office 365 and how cloud computing will change the game for IT managers and organizations. (Recorded Feb 2011.)
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Learning Bites on Solar Power

How Solar Panels Work – US Department of Energy (YouTube Video, 1.15 min.)
This brief training describes how solar panels create electricity.
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How Solar Energy Technology Works – SolarEnergyGreenPower (YouTube Video, 35 sec.)
Describes the components of a solar energy setup.
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MIT Students Use Car Parts For Solar Power – WCVBTV5 (YouTube Video, 1.46 min.)
MIT students use car parts and plumbing supplies to produce heat, electricity and cooling for developing countries. Solar Turbine Group took these panels to villages in Lesotho to bring power to the impoverished.
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Learning Bites on Technology Solutions for Developing Countries

Rural Internet KiosksĀ  – Intersat Africa & Voices of Africa (YouTube Video, 9.41 min.)
A short documentary featuring ICT development in Africa with emphasis on how the Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK) is changing the way rural Africa communicates. The Rural Internet Kiosk is 100% solar powered and is connected to the Internet via Satellite using Astra2Connect VSAT technology.
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Village Phone Nigeria – World Bank (YouTube Video, 8.05 min.)
Millions in rural villages around the world simply do not have easy or affordable access to a telephone. The Village Phone concept was developed to help extend access to telecommunications beyond the urban areas.
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Making ICT meaningful to rural Africa – Inveneo (YouTube Video, 3.48 min.)
Wayan Vota talks about Inveneo’s technology solutions deployed in rural Africa.
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The power to connect the world – Hector Ruiz at TED (YouTube Video, 20.31 min)
AMD CEO Hector Ruiz talks about his dream of giving the whole world access to the Internet. AMD’s 50×15 initiative hopes to connect 50 percent of the world to the Net by 2015. Sharing his own life story, Ruiz shows how access to ideas is life-changing.
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Multipoint Server in Kisapuk, Kenya – Microsoft (YouTube Video, 1.53 min.)
Multipoint Server is a low-power consuming computing solution for classrooms and community centers. This video introduces a Multipoint Server deployment in a Community Center in Kisapuk, a remote village in Kenya. The community center is powered by solar power.
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