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E-Learning Courses and Classroom Training on Telecommunications

Global VSAT Forum (GVF)

The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) offers a training program focused on the fundamentals for VSAT and broadband satellite terminal installers and also for ICT professionals who are looking for an introduction to satellite communications. GVF training is delivered as a blend of simulator-driven, self-paced online knowledge training, verification of hands-on skills, and optional supplementary classes.

Visit the GVF Training portal to review the e-learning courses and classroom trainings, take a guided tour through the trainings programs and sample lessons and to register.

Course Level Course Prerequisites Time Commitment Certifications & Exams Available
Introduction to Satellite Communications (GVF 500)
This GVF online course is designed for professionals who need a comprehensive overview of key subject areas relating to the delivery of satellite communications today. Included in the Course curriculum are industry history, launch systems, orbits, frequencies, network topologies, equipment types, bandwidth factors, applications, markets, regulations, industry horizontal and vertical structure, major players by segment, hybrids, and more.
Languages: English
Cost: US$ 449
Course Outline 
  • None
  GVF Certificate of Completion
Advanced VSAT Terminal Installation
An instructor-led class in advanced VSAT terminal installation.  This session will span three days and will include substantial supplementary training supported by iDirect, Eutelsat and Skylogic. The class is being coordinated by NetHope in cooperation with the GVF and the African eDevelopment Resource Centre.  Three-day classroom/field workshop and prerequisite online trainings are offered to NetHope members at a discount rate of $800 per student.
Languages: English
Cost for NetHope Members: US$800
Course Details
Registration Request
Intermediate to Advanced Complete online courses before classroom session: 

  • GVF 510 (Core Skills for VSAT Installers)
  • Online course GVF 520 (VSAT Fundamentals)
  • Online course GVF 521 (Field Technique)
Prerequisite online GVF training plus three day instructor-led classroom/field workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, September 2011 (exact date to be announced in early July) GVF Basic VSAT Installer Certification
Advanced VSAT Installation Certification