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Resources for ICT Professionals

NetHope Academy has assembled a valuable collection of learning resources to benefit individuals who either aspire to, or currently, work for NetHope member NGOs around the world. This section of the site presents those resources that will support the training needs of the NGO community. We welcome your suggestions for courses, curriculum, white papers, and other learning materials. Please help us expand this list by submitting your suggestions to

Skills Assessments

FREE tools to evaluate your skills using the latest technologies in real-world scenarios


Validate your skills and knowledge by earning one or more technology certifications.


E-Learning, Learning Bites, and other tools and resources to help you fill the gaps in your ICT skill set.


Technical books, tutorials, white papers, case studies and moreā€”to enhance your abilities.


Exchange ideas, get advice and stay up to date on new tech trends with these online IT Pro communities.