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Step 1: Explore the Role

The actual role of the IT Manager will vary from one NGO to another and even from one program to another. The information below helps to identify the most common responsibilities, tasks and experiences of IT Managers in NGOs.


What are the responsibilities of an IT Manager?

IT managers are responsible for deploying and managing technology to support their organization’s programs.

IT managers in NGOs are usually based in larger field offices, regional offices and headquarters. They assess technology needs of new programs and provide strategic input. They advocate for field office IT needs and develop, in coordination with local management, plans for increasing ICT capacity in field-office.

Responsibilities of IT Managers include:

  • Managing IT projects or the technology component of projects
  • Managing IT teams
  • Providing advice on IT needs of NGO programs and offices

What are the daily work tasks of an IT Manager?

Manage IT projects
  • Build and coordinate project team
  • Develop project plan
  • Manage budget and schedule
  • Coordinate with internal stakeholders
Procure IT services
  • Create Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Manage procurement of IT services
  • Supervise and monitor implementation
Develop IT strategy
  • Assess needs of new programs and initiatives or organizational needs
  • Evaluate technology solutions
  • Develop proposals and manage stakeholder reviews


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