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Step 2: Assess Your Skills

NetHope Academy provides a set of FREE skills assessments to help you identify your training needs. Assessments are great for newcomers, but also for experienced Desktop Support Technicians who need to prepare for a Windows 7 migration, support older technology, or just assess their on-the-job skills. Assessments typically take less than 90 minutes to complete.

Once you’ve identified the Assessment that’s right for you, select it in the Request form, then complete and submit the form.



NetHope Skills Assessments

Identify the Assessment that’s right for you, then complete and submit the Request form below.

  • Desktop Support Job Role
    This assessment measures your knowledge on topics and tasks relevant for Desktop Support roles.
  • Installing and Configuring Windows 7
    This assessment measures your ability to install, upgrade and migrate to Windows 7, configure hardware, applications and network connectivity and maintain the system.
  • Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Windows XP
    This assessment measures your ability to install Windows XP, manage and troubleshoot the desktop environment, hardware devices and drivers, access to resources, and network protocols and services
  • Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on Microsoft Windows XP
    This assessment measures your ability to configure and troubleshoot applications and connectivity for applications and resolve issues related to usability and application customization.

Request a FREE Skills Assessment

Simply select your preferred Skills Assessment from the menu below, then complete the required fields and click submit.



Time to play and test your knowledge

Test your technical knowledge in a fun interactive way to see how you stack up against other IT professionals from around the world. Have fun and learn IT skills at the same time! A broadband connection is recommended.
Play “Are you Certifiable?” ( >>



Once you’ve identified your training needs, proceed to Step 3: Make a Plan »