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ICT Professionals play a crucial role in helping NGOs manage regional and global emergencies quickly and effectively. NetHope Academy helps ICT Professionals explore career paths, assess IT skills, and develop learning plans to tailor their skills to the unique needs of NGOs, as well as access a wide range of resources on ICT topics, including training videos, online tutorials, and e-courses.

NetHope Academy’s Career Pathfinder helps identify gaps and develop skills for IT roles in NGOs.

Get started by selecting your area of interest:

Desktop Technician

Desktop Technicians provide technical assistance to computer users, answering questions and troubleshooting problems.

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Network Administrator

Network Administrators manage the data infrastructure and flow of an organization and support the needs of network users.

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IT Manager

IT managers in NGOs manage technical projects on time and within budget.

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Telecom Specialist

Telecommunications Specialists design and supervise voice and data communication systems.

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