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NetHope Academy needs your help. Bringing the benefits of technology to people in developing countries around the world is a mission that requires lots of support. This support can take the form of a donation, a special sponsorship, or the time and energy of a dedicated volunteer. In whatever way you can, please join our cause.


Make a Donation

Your donation will help NetHope Academy continue its expansion into developing areas of the world like sub-saharan Africa and Latin America. Some of the specific initiatives that your donation will support include:

  • Regional programs that support a well-educated IT ecosystem.
  • E-learning (online IT training) for youth in areas where connectivity is limited.
  • Initiatives to increase the number of women in IT in developing regions.
  • Collaboration with African universities to train their IT instructors.
  • Curriculum tailored to address local language and cultural barriers.
  • IT Internships that maximize youth employability through.

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Sponsorships are a creative way for you to have a direct impact on the career and life path of one or more individuals in a developing part of the world. There are thousands of people willing to dedicate their time, talents and energy to the cause — they just need your support to get there.

Sponsor an ICT Professional
For as little as $100 per week, your sponsorship allows one ICT Professional in the developing world to gain the valuable skills necessary to successfully manage the information and communication technology challenges of a major NGO.

Sponsor an IT Intern
For just $50 per week, you can help support a 6-month internship opportunity for a recent college graduate in the developing world. These internships give young, aspiring individuals valuable work experience in the IT industry as they learn VSAT setup and network deployments, upgrades, maintenance and administration. These internships alleviate the workload of major NGOs while giving a promising young mind the opportunity to better themselves and their local community.

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