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Yves-Carlo Valery

IT Manager , Save the Children, Haiti and IT Mentor and Instructor for NetHope Academy

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October 2011. Yves-Carlo Valery, IT Manager at Save the Children in Haiti, has been an IT mentor for four NetHope Academy interns already and this fall he is taking two new interns under his wings. During the boot camp he also volunteered his time to teach the new class of interns about the importance of customer service. Yves-Carlo is full of praise for the work of NetHope Academy in Haiti:

Yves-Carlo Valery teaches NetHope Academy Interns the keys to effective Customer Service.

“NetHope is one of the best things that happened to Haiti. Through the program, our youth are building skills in IT, they have internships, and they have help finding jobs. It’s really unusual for one organization to offer all three components.

I’ve been both an instructor and an IT mentor with the NetHope Academy Intern Program since the program began shortly after the earthquake. Since the earthquake, a lot of focus has been on reconstructing our buildings.  However, we need to rebuild our people too.


As an instructor, I have taught the interns about Customer Service. It’s a new concept for Haiti. We’ve had an infusion of people into Haiti due to the earthquake – expats and returning Haitians.  They all have expectations about customer service, based on their experience abroad, and we need to change our mentality in Haiti.  Our interns are focused on building technology skills, but that is not enough.  I show them that people skills, like customer service, will give you an edge.


As an IT mentor, I supervised four interns last year, and I’ll be supervising two interns this year.  They shadow me for two weeks and participate in meetings.  During that time, I try to figure out what they are interested in—networking, telecommunications, etc.—and look for opportunities for them.  Then they rotate between the field offices and the country office to learn about the technology and people in each location.


Having worked with a variety of organizations in different locations, I have a passion for capacity building.  To me, it’s all about giving people the opportunity, tools, and skills to do their job.  NetHope does just that, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”


Yves-Carlo Valery (right) with Lisa Obradovich and Emmanuella Stimphat during the NetHope Academy graduation

Learn more about NetHope Academy Haiti