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Faces of NetHope Academy

Learn more about the people who benefit from NetHope Academy, and those who generously donate their time and advice to NetHope Academy.

Faces of NetHope Academy puts a spotlight on some of the people that have made our programs what they are today. A supporter once borrowed a line from the Peace Corps and said “NetHope Academy, it’s the hardest job you will ever love.” We thank all of our supporters.

Jennifer Gachukia

In Their Words: Accenture-NetHope Academy Interns

Two inspiring women who took the opportunity NetHope Academy and Accenture provided to excel in their internships

In Kenya, two NetHope Academy interns, Margret Karethi and Jennifer Gachukia, had the opportunity to complete their NetHope Academy internships on an Accenture Development Partnership project. Both inspiring young women made a remarkable impression. Read more »

NetHope Academy KenyaWhat One Woman Can Do

Become a Mentor Today; Change a Life Forever

On the day we officially launched Women’s TechConnect at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Baltimore, Maryland, I knew in an instant it would have lasting impact. Not just because of the interest among 3,600 technical women from 54 countries who were attending the conference. Read more »


NetHope Academy KenyaNetHope Academy Intern Class 2012 in Kenya

NetHope Academy Kenya – Interns of the 2012 program in Nairobi, Kenya

NetHope Academy Kenya began in March 2012. Thirty-six students, in which two-thirds are women, were selected from hundreds of applicants. Meet some of the interns and read what they are saying about their experience with NetHope Academy Kenya. Read more »


NetHope Academy RwandaNetHope Academy Intern Class 2012 in Rwanda

NetHope Academy Rwanda – Interns of the 2012 program in Kigali, Rwanda

In March 2012, NetHope Academy launched in Kigali, Rwanda. Through intensive classroom and online training, interns gain invaluable technology expertise making them highly competitive candidates for jobs in the IT sector. Check out what the interns have to say about their experience at NetHope Academy Rwanda. Read more »

Yoldy Jacques Simon

NetHope Academy Haiti – Graduate of the Internship program 2010/2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

January 2012. Yoldy Jacques Simon blogs: “Since graduating from the NetHope Intern Academy, I have been working at CHF – Cooperative Housing Foundation. Since the earthquake, CHF has been working on removing and recycling the rubble and rebuilding the country. I support about 60 users spread out over several offices and departments. My job is to make sure they have the information technology to communicate and do their work.” Read more »

Jude Antenor

NetHope Academy Haiti – Graduate of the Internship program 2010/2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

UPDATE - January 2012. Jude’s life was rocked by the destructive earthquake that racked his city on January 12, 2010. Jude was lucky to be in a building that did not collapse. He lost many friends and some of his teachers from his school, Ecole Superior Informatique d’Haiti (ESIH). Prior to the earthquake, Jude had distinguished himself as a bright computer science student at ESIH but struggled to find his first job in the IT field due to a lack of work experience. The NetHope Academy Internship program helped Jude to fill this gap. He gained valuable work experience and is now working as IT officer for CHF. Read more »

NetHope Academy Intern Class 2011 in Haiti

Opokua Oduro visits with NetHope Academy Interns in Haiti

October 2011.  A new class of NetHope Academy interns started their internship program in September with a two week boot camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Opokua Oduro, NetHope Academy Global Program Manager, joined the interns during the boot camp. During her two week stay in Port-au-Prince she made unforgettable memories and found new friends.   Read more »


Krista Tracy

Accenture Volunteer and NetHope Academy Learning Manager

October 2011. Krista Tracy, a project manager with Accenture, has been instrumental in creating the curriculum for the NetHope Academy Internship Program and setting up a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows interns to continue their studies between classroom sessions. She traveled to Haiti to launch the new curriculum and LMS, and saw in person how the program is changing lives. Read more »

Mark Wheatley

Microsoft Certified Trainer and Volunteer Trainer for the NetHope Academy Intern Program, Haiti

October 2011. Mark Wheatley, a Microsoft Certified Trainer from Bellingham, travelled to Haiti and volunteered his time to teach the Fall 2011 class of NetHope Academy Interns about configuring and managing Windows systems and about networking. After the two-week boot camp Mark felt inspired by the students’ engery and enthusiasm. Read more »

Francis Ollivier

IT Mentor and CIO, Fonkoze, Haiti

September 2011. “My goal was to find someone to replace me,” says Francis Ollivier, CIO at Fonkoze a Haitian microfinance organization. Francis has already been an IT mentor to five NetHope Academy interns.  The experience was all around positive for Francis, the host organizations and for the interns. Francis ended up finding his replacement and is now mentoring two new interns in his new role at Fonkoze.   Read more »

Yves-Carlo Valery

IT Manager , Save the Children, Haiti and IT Mentor and Instructor for NetHope Academy

October 2011. Yves-Carlo Valery, IT Manager at Save the Children in Haiti, has been an IT mentor for four NetHope Academy interns already and this fall he is taking two new interns under his wings. He also volunteered his time to teach the new class of interns about customer service. Yves-Carlo is full of praise for the work of NetHope Academy in Haiti. Read more »

Sondja Telemaque

NetHope Academy Haiti – Graduate of the Internship program 2010/2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

August 2011. Sondja Telemaque graduated from the NetHope Academy internship Program in Haiti in 2011 and is now working as the ITS department administrator for the World Health Organization. She says, in Haiti this is considered a “very unconventional path for women”. Sondja hopes to inspire other young women with her story. Read more »

Francis Boon

Champion for NetHope and NetHope Academy Training

July 2011.  Francis Boon, an IT manager with 16 years of experience in NGO field offices around the world, says the primary role of an IT Manager is to translate a myriad of requirements into technical solutions. Doing this in an NGO requires a real passion for the work and the ability to find the technical know-how when needed. This is where NetHope Academy comes in. Read more »


Ken Rosen

Supporter of the NetHope Academy since 2007

June 2011. Ken Rosen, Director of Community and Evangelism at Microsoft Learning, has been supporting NetHope Academy from the very beginning as NetHope kicked off the pilot program for IT skills training in Nairobi in 2007. Since then Ken has traveled to Nairobi and Haiti where the NetHope Academy conducted programs for IT workers and interns. He has been instrumental in helping to secure donations of Microsoft products and curriculum to help others learn and improve their knowledge of technology. Read more »

Marc MichaultMarc Michault

Volunteer Trainer for NetHope Academy in Kenya and Haiti

May 2011. When Marc Michault touched down on the ground in Haiti nine months after the country’s most devastating earthquake, he was a bit shocked by how little had been rebuilt. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer volunteering his time for NetHope Academy, Michault was there to teach a few dozen Haitian IT seniors and recent graduates about identifying problems and providing technical support in Windows environments. Read more »

Emmanuella Stimphat

NetHope Academy Haiti – Graduate of the Internship program 2010/2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

April 2011.  “Emmanuella Stimphat is one of a few special women I’ve come to know through the NetHope Academy program in Haiti. She may not yet know it, but she is a real role model for thousands of young Haitian women,” says Lisa Obranovich, project manager for NetHope Academy Haiti. Emmanuella graduated in March 2011 from the NetHope Academy Internship Program and is now working as an IT professional for a non-profit organization in Haiti. Read more »

Tigist Kelemework

ICT Manager Plan International Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2007. Tigist participated in a three-day project management course organized by NetHope Academy in 2007. She says “the training really opened my eyes to the different elements of a project that I need to understand in order to work efficiently”. After the course she was immediately able to apply what she learned in the course to the assessment of a new ICT project. Read more »